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An Investigation In Transportation, Pollution, And Income In LA

Geographic scope of project The focus of this project will be the city of Los Angeles in California. This project excludes unincorporated areas or the Greater Los Angeles areas. A total of 1151 census tracts are included.

Topics of interest: LA’s Green New Deal The City of Los Angeles aims to reach ambitious urban sustainability goals. By 2035, the City of Los Angeles envisions 50% of its residents to rely on walking, biking, or taking public transit.

Purpose Using certain parameters, we shall attempt to understand the disparity of transit options, physical health, and the degree of traffic burden and pollution among LA residents living in different census tracts.

Data sources

Web Maps

Metro (railway) network in the City of Los Angeles

City of LA: Pollution Burden vs Median Household Income

Mean Time to Travel and Public Transit Accessiblity

Bikeshare stations, bikeways and Los Angeles